InfoTech-Cs is present  in the software tools business from 1992. Initially focused on the Software Quality  and Application Mining (RestNat-code parsers) later we implemented the set of tools (R.E.S.T. suite) to address topics of  IT-Governance.

The core of InfoTech-Cs products is RestWeb – web application evolved from earlier versions gathering Request for Change tool to the complete  and easy to use product that addresses IT Service Management.

Main topics implemented in RestWeb:

·          Service Desk (HelpDesk)

·          Configuration Management

·          Change Management (RFC)

·          Incident, Event, Problem Management

·          Project & Portfolio Management

·          Service Catalog

·          Application, Release Management

·          Software Quality and Security


Service Support model:

The RestWeb provides the central and single contact point between the IT organisation and the customer (User). Tool flexibility reflects the complex organized structure of the company and different roles of persons (Key IT, Key User etc.) with specific profiles.

The RestWeb automates the process work flow which start with different type of  inputs (Incident Report, Service Desk Request, etc.) and is in control from the assessment until the acceptance of the change.

The tools flexibility permit to organize the IT processes, from the most complex process work flow (ex. RFC -Authorization, Assignment,  Analysis,  Build,  Test, Release, Deploy) to the simple ones in the relation to the issue to be resolved.

Main benefits in using RestWeb:

·          User (Costumer)

o         central point of entry

o         improve the communication (common language) and collaboration with IT organization

o         monitor the process work flow

·          IT Person

o         formal communication between IT organization and User

o          visibility of issues and its priorities  

o         traceability of the changes (documentation)

o         mining and analysis of the changed module code

·           IT Management

o        planning and controlling IT services

o        reduce operational costs

o        monitoring the software quality

o        Dashboard reporting  to top management

RestWeb’s web interface:

·          End-User view:



·          IT- view:



·          Request For Change form (RFC):


The content of the RFC  form can be easily  modified to  suit your needs.  


RestWeb for  Natural, Adabas, JCL, Cobol, Java applications:

The RestWeb is running on IT sites having legacy applications developed in Natural (Adabas), Cobol, Jcl, Java. The unique RestWeb attribute is the source code parser, which is part of Restweb and it permits to retrieve:  

·          Link between RFC and changed source code:

To trace the relations  in between the Request For Change (RFC) and the source code changes give the answer to the common question why, what and who implemented the modules changes.

·          Software quality and security:

 Software measuring and analysis in RestWeb  give allows to have under the control selected aspects of the  Software structural quality (V(g)) as well as same important Security issues.

·          DDM a fields usage:

Traceability of DDM and Adabas fields in the application includes the CRUD (create, read, used and delete) information.

·          Business rules:

The latest RestWeb function permits to extract the business rules from Natural source code and to examine the impact of the source code changes on the business rules.


RestWeb  cooperates with:



 EntireX (Release Management)

Infotech-Cs Support:

InfoTech-Cs is the agile software company which has the long time experience in technical support to our clients, we are ready to customise and personalize  our products to the specific costumer need.

Please, note that your Configuration item,  Service Desk (HelpDesk)  or other tools present on your site can be integrated into RestWeb and to gain WWW visibility.

 RestWeb - Technical specification:

·          Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 2.5  and later

·          Window, Unix

·          Mysql

·          Tomcat

·          Mailing server POP3

·          Current languages: English, Italian, Czech


Please don’t hesite to contact us for Demo version of our products.